Winbest Sharp Edition Metal Detector

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Dimensions: 32.5 x 9.2 x 6.8 inches
Weight: 6.7 pounds
Batteries: 8 AA batteries
Features: Metal detection mode, Padded armrest, Distinctive tones for different metals, metal discrimination mode, Adjustable Stem, 8.5-Inch waterproof search coil, LCD display screen Barska’s Winbest Sharp Edition is actually the latest version based on the first Winbest metal detector series. The Sharp version now features dual operation modes to help you find metal targets while at the same time, telling you the kind of metals you’ve found.

The device weighs slightly below 7 pounds, so it is quite on the heavy side. This may not be a good brand for kids or seniors since it is a bit heavy. At any rate, taking the weight issue aside, especially if you have strong arms, then there are great features in Winbest to help you get started.

Winbest Sharp Edition metal detector review
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The two operation functions you can use are 1) mode that ignores metals you prefer not to detect 2) mode which detect any metal types. You can also utilize individual tones according to the kind of metals. With the search coil, you can use it when you search in areas with shallow water.

If the detector becomes too sensitive in its metal readings, you can adjust the knob settings to discriminate what metals you like to see more and what metals you don’t like the Winbest device to pick up. You can also adjust the volume controls for the audible tones of the speakers or headphones. The headphones, however, are sold separately.

For the battery, you can quickly see the power level as there’s a battery indicator to show you when you would need to get some new batteries. Take note that when you receive the device, you need to buy 8 AA alkaline batteries since it is not included with the metal detector box. It does include a carrying case, so you can conveniently bring it along.

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The stem of the Winbest Sharp Edition can be adjusted, with a range of 24 inches to 34 inches, in case you need to set it up in certain lengths according to your use.

In addition, it has a rubber handgrip and padded armrest, so you can be comfortable in your search endeavors as well as relieve your arms from being tired. The product is made by Barska, which is actually a company known for their product  line of security products as well  as sports optics.

This detector product is highly suitable for first-time users up to true metal hunting experts. However, it important for the beginners and entry level operators to get some instruction, since there will be some learning curve with the Winbest Sharp version. You can get some advice from experienced metal hunters, to help you in the beginning stages of learning the controls. For long-term metal detector experts, you will like this product, as it has suitable functions and options, just like expensive brands.

Other users mention some issues about the depth gauge, that it sometimes become faulty and does not work smoothly. Also, some people find the notch settings hard to control. You may want to know some tips on how to use the Winbest Sharp edition, so you can bring out the best on the product:

  • Try not lift the search coil when you sweep as it sometimes gives false readings.
  • The search coil has to parallel to the surface.
  • You should move the search coil, from side to side in a small arc measuring around 3 inches.
  • Slow moving sweeps often show better results, than fast and rapid movements, since quick sweeps alter the targets
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Follow the tips and you be able to be familiar with the Winbest metal detector in not time. You should be able to learn the device modes easily, after a couple of day of uses. As soon as you pick up the detector, you will notice the two knobs to adjust the discrimination as well as the iron sensitivity level. It is quite an old school in operation since it is in analog, but if you’re one of those who can adjust with both digital and analog operations, then this shouldn’t be an issue.

Overall, this Winbest detector is quite light as well as easy to set up, right out of the box. Also, it is versatile as well since you can use it to search and hunt for any metal category. That means you can discover other types of metals aside from gold, silver, bronze, etc.