White’s Coinmaster Metal Detector Review

Metal Detecting Hobby
IMG Source: thebestmetaldetector.com

Dimensions: 12 x 9.5 x 44 inches
Material Type: Plastic
Model Number: 800-0325
Weight: 4.15 pounds
Features: Depth Reading screen, Rugged Water-Resistant Box, Target ID, Pinpoint All-Metal Mode

White’s Electronics Coinmaster provides rugged, but solid performance for treasure and coin hunters. It has features that allow you to detect coins, metals, and jewelry; while the device’s target ID brings you the identification of metal and iron in an instant. The Coinmaster not only allows you to visually detect the target but also let you hear the reading. The depth of the target helps you decide how deep you need to dig from the surface.

IMG Source: marsmd.com
IMG Source: marsmd.com

This coin detector has the 5 Range Discrimination function, that you can adjust, so you can hear type signals that you prefer, as well as other worthwhile targets nearby. As it weighs just 2.5 pounds, this White Electronic’s detector model is easy to handle, so it is comfortable to carry for all ages, even for longer periods.

It already includes 2 batteries at 9 volts each, as well as a water resistant nine inch Spider Coil, providing you a ready device for some beach and sea coast treasure hunting. Keep in mind that White’s Electronics launched two editions of the product: the Coinmaster, and then the Coinmaster Pro. The difference of the Pro version is that it has the Tone Identification and Notch Discrimination functions. For the Coinmaster’s reading depth, the range is from 0 to 8+ inches

White’s Coinmaster GT is one of the most affordable metal detectors in the market, with a mid-level type of features, which makes it a great detector device to start with. The functions allow you to easily detect good metals, which is highly useful for beginners in metal detection. If you have some experience already in coin treasure search exploration, the Coinmaster now provides you the needed lift for your skills in jewel hunting.

The straight-forward style of operation makes it a good coin tool, for those that don’t understand the metal detector settings just yet. At any rate, if you like to further your ability on learning about notch discrimination, target sensitivity, and ground balance on a multitude of numbers, then the Coin Master is just what you need for your coin search hobby.

It even has the GT function for some automatic ground tracking for the ground balance, default level sensitivity, along with 9 discrimination modes. As soon as you get some experience, tinkering the settings and making adjustments for your needs would not be an issue.

IMG Source: bestmetaldetectors.eu
IMG Source: bestmetaldetectors.eu

The GT, however, needs minor assembly, but after that, you’re all set to detect metals that you like. It does need 8 pieces of AA batteries, which can last you to around 24 to 26 hrs of use. It is fairly light, equally balanced, and quite comfortable to swing. However, you will notice that the battery pack is under your elbow instead of further down the shaft, which other detectors is made. This provides the necessary balance.

The device provides two different ways to identify the targets you have found before digging: 1) Visual Display Indicator (VDI) and 2) Tone ID.

The VDI gives you numbers that identify potential targets, while the Tone ID provides different tones, unique tones based on the types of targets. Both functions don’t give an absolute guarantee, but the secret lies in the continuous use of the GT since you get better at deciphering certain signals that you can tell which are good finds.

IMG Source: goldsearchaustralia.com
IMG Source: goldsearchaustralia.com

For instance, the VDI of 60 shows you the clad penny, however, there are times it will show a bottle cap. The cap’s reading will usually bounce several times giving you 55, then on another occasion 58, which more than anything gave you the tip that it’s not a penny. Of course, you don’t have to immediately think about the number of settings in the device, but instead, focus on the VDI and the tones.

Some reports say the signals are fairly accurate to around 5 to 6 inches of clay. However, if you go deeper than that, there could be some difficult and unreliable readings for the targeted small objects.


White’s Coinmaster Metal Detector is well worth the price, with the essential features to get you started in coin detection and other metal detection hobbies. It is also a great gift for individuals who need some enjoyable activity time outdoors. At any rate, the device is equally as good for personal use regardless of age.