Ground EFX MX200E Review: Digital GPS Metal Detector

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Dimensions: 23.9 x 12.8 x 6.1 inches
Weight: 5.8 pounds
Features: Durable fiberglass construction, Large digital backlight interface, Geo-X GPS Technology, 4 elimination modes, polycarbonate construction, adjustable discrimination, 8 metal categories


Ground EFX MX200E best metal detector
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The Ground EFX MX200E Digital GPS features one of the best construction in metal detectors in the market. It is made up of lightweight polycarbonate material and fiberglass, but just as strong and durable to withstand untimely shocks and drops. The large digital backlit interface is easy to use, while the Geo-X GPS Technology lets you locate and then save as much 10 locations. Other features include the 6 AA type of batteries, as well as the 10-inch submersible coil.


While it has the adjustable discrimination controls for 8 categories of metals, with features of unique 4 HD audio tones and 4 elimination modes. You can easily get lost with the controls if you’re a first time user, but you will eventually learn to operate the MX 100E as you gain some experience and long term of use.

The device allows smooth use whether you’re right handed or left handed, so you don’t have to worry about controlling hand adjustment.

If you’re looking for a metal detector to lead you in the right direction, to find valuable gold nuggets, coins, and jewelry, the Ground EFX MX200E gives you your money’s worth. You can start your metal detector works in your nearby typical places such as open fields, parks, brush lands, yards, and dry sands. Other metal detectors have a rough time on wet sands, but the Ground EFX works just fine.

Ground EFX MX200E metal detector reviews
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Experienced metal hunters can attest the effectiveness of the MX200E in wet sands in beaches and coastlines. However, if you’re quite new to the hobby of coin detection, you should practice first in dry sands and stay away from the coastlines in your first few search endeavors. Beginners often experience false signals on wet sands. So, try to get as much experience and skill in different terrains before moving into the frontier of water lines.

The metal detector screen works quite well on any fair daylight, though the LCD of the Ground EFX can be difficult to see in bright sunlight. So, you will need a cardboard attached to the side to act as a shade for the screen, as well as wear sunglasses whenever you search in high noon and the sun is up. This is quite common for other metal detectors and has been experienced by others who often use the device in broad daylight.

However, on dusk, dawn, evening or cloudy days – the metal detector works extremely well. You can see the crisp display of the LCD screen, displaying your info, with the data in viewable size. In case you drop your keys or jewelry in the dark, the MX200E should help you get what you need.

Ground EFX MX200E metal detector review
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Keep in mind, to learn the device as much as you can in different terrains, so you need to know the different soil in your place. You can do some test by placing down targets in certain spots, then use the machine to search for them

in a week or two. Then see how the device perform as it looks for your buried item. You can practice with this type of set-up until you become familiar with the adjustments and settings of the metal detector. With continuous use, you should instinctively know how the device responds to certain items and different soil, in a new hunting endeavor in another place. The machine is quite easy to use, with good ergonomics compared to earlier editions of the series.

The detector should be able to detect quarters as deep as 10 inches, often providing the exact depth on the readings. Other worthwhile features include the GPS function, good balance, and nice battery life. It can even work in usual situations and impromptu searches.

One of the common problems by some people is dropped pendants, wedding rings, bracelets, and earrings in a deep pile of snow. The metal detector can work as just fine to help you find small jewelry to snow as deep as ten to twelve inches. So, if the weather is extremely bad, you can depend on the Ground EFX for some searching.


Ground EFX MX200E metal detector review
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The Ground EFX MX200E with Digital GPS is a good metal detector for intermediate users and professionals. This is not advisable for beginners, since it has more advanced features that starting in the metal detection hobby may not quick to learn without gaining enough skills and experience in the basic aspects of metal hunting. You can purchase a metal detector for a beginner first, then wait for a couple of time, then purchase the Ground EFX.