Garrett AT Pro Review: All Terrain Land and Water Metal Detector

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Weight: 7.72 pounds
Color: Black
Dimensions: 5 x 11 x 22 inches
Model Number: AT Pro
Batteries: 4 AA batteries
Features: Digital Target ID, High-Res Iron Discrimination, Pro Mode Audio feature, 10-foot depth underwater usability

Considered to be a superior quality metal detector, the Garrett AT Pro is their All-Terrain 100 Metal Detector model that works superbly, not only in land but also in water. For hobby treasure hunters, as well as professional metal detectors, the device is one of the best and some expert’s highly recommended gear for different material targets such as coin hunting, cache hunting, prospecting, beach water hunting, jewelry hunting, ghost town hunting, relic hunting, freshwater hunting, and even competition hunting events.

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Garret’s new device can cover various hunting activities, which ultimately using the updated technology from Garrett. It actually helps improve your ability in searching for coins, gold nuggets, caches, relics, and of course jewelry. In addition, there’s an option for you to select from two kinds modes: the standard mode and the professional mode. The Garrett AT Pro enhances its functionality with its pro mode audio – which features the proportional audio and the tone roll audio – where you get to audibly hear audio targets, for its full true metal tone.

For those looking for a good vibrant high-resolution discrimination, it has the iron identifying technology. The AT Pro’s touchpad is provided clear access up to 40 different levels, which can help you in distinguishing junk from golden targets. No one likes to dig for trash, which means a waste of time.

This detector will come handy, especially if you are more  interested in spending your day on precision hunting – as your device moves away from the undesirable junk metals. The metal searcher also comes with the advanced digital target ID, that can reach a scale with 0 to 99 range. This function can help increase your ability and skill to identify the conductivity of the targets.

For an authentic treasure detection experience, the device even has the metal audio that helps you to hear the distinguished element, usually with changes in the mid-tone range signals.  Another great feature of this Garret product is the unusually fast speed recovery. This will then give you the ability to  quickly identify which are the true gems for your targets.

As the product model suggest, this Garrett AT Pro Metal edition is an all terrain device, which you can use on different types of environments, even giving you the ability to submerge the device into 10 feet of water depth. It’s a versatile detector that would be a great device for targeting challenging terrains as well as shallow depths of water.

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If you are keen to search for small targets like coins, gold nuggets and jewelry pieces buried deep in the ground, you will appreciate this metal detector from Garrett. You simply enhance the targets search, into a 15 kHz frequency. The performance can be improved further using the auto and manual adjustments for the ground balance.

The AT Pro uses the GTA or the Graphic Target Analyzer, which allows you to identify your target’s  conductivity. This feature is well liked by experienced coin hunters, as it lets continuously determine the depth of the coins below the ground surface. The search modes of the  Garrett AT Pro has various options that range from the customized mode, or coins, while the settings can be adjusted to either standard or professional mode. You can simply set the metal detector towards your target, which further enhances the search precision. This function then assists you to distinguish treasures from useless metal trash. Another good feature is the pin-point mode, which is quite helpful when you search small coins and tiny gold nuggets.

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Overall, the Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector has the all the features you would want with its 40 level iron discrimination, electronic pinpoint mode, 3 audio tone levels, various search modes, 12 notch settings, sensitivity adjustments, adjustable length from 43 inches to 51 inches, standard search coil of 8.5 inches x 11 inches, depth adjustments, 4 AA batteries, and target ID cursor segment control.


If you would like your coin hunting hobby to a higher level, you would need a top-tier metal detector with user-friendly settings, controls, and adjustments. The Garrett AT Pro is specifically geared towards challenging terrains, and can even be used to submerge underwater for some extended treasure search. All the functions in the AT Pro allow you to move from intermediate level into professional level of metal detection.