Garrett Ace 350 Handheld Metal Detector DD Coil + Headphones Review

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Dimensions: 5 x 11 x 22 inches
Model Number: Ace 350
Weight: 5.6 pounds
Features: Powerful 8.5×11 Double-D search coil, Volume control headphones, Enhanced Iron Resolution, Five search modes, Electronic pinpointing

For some challenging search in mineralized grounds, the Garrett Ace 350 Handheld Metal Detector features the DD Coil. If you’re thinking to find treasure targets on the beach, this specialized detector would help you move up and improve your skill. You will also find this useful for your metal detection work in freshwater and even saltwater ground.

For this model to work in difficult environments, Garrett fitted it with special coils to withstand the variable minerals in the salty water. It is an all new Ace 350 metal detector, that will push you to get out there to the beach, and discover some great finds and treasures beneath the surface.

Jewelry and coin metal detector

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If you’re looking to hunt for more relics, jewelry, and coins, without the instability of readings, this model by Garrett van helps you with the job. For instance, the enhanced and highly improved iron resolution will let you control the discrimination of iron levels, allowing you to divide better targets from nearby iron junk.

This Garret metal detector even has the powerful DD search coil, which provides better metal detection, notwithstanding the depth and mineral filled soil. It can perform extremely well on difficult surfaces which other metal detectors can’t stand, providing you wider scanning coverage and more enjoyable search.

Its high frequency can provide better detection of big targets, as well as small gold nuggets, which other models may miss.

In addition, the volume control for the headphones allows more electronic pinpointing – with precision to locate some good finds. The speed recovery then allows you to reject or accept a certain target much faster, quickly modifying the discrimination patterns up to five types of search modes. You can pre-set the patterns, or even create your own discrimination patterns, further improving your skill.

Improved metal detector features

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More so, the continuous coin depth indicator gives you that consistent target detector even with obstructing debris. The indicator for the battery condition provides accurate and up to the minute power light; while the Ace series search coils allow you to interchange with other coils in the series.

For those with a battery question, asking if you can use rechargeable NiMHs or alkaline batteries? It works for both. Most people ask for this, as of course, it is a big advantage, to use either type of batteries. For instance, you can use regular AA batteries and you can get as long as 30 hours running time.

Sometimes, it sounds off at random and repeatedly when you are in salt water environments, but you should be able to adjust and get better as you go along. It works well in grounds, dry sands, and fresh water, with no problems at all.

Best metal detector for beginners

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This is great beginner metal detector, without the complicated operations and false signals. The unit even has per-programmed search functions, so you don’t need to mindlessly tinker with items which could disrupt the pre-set modes. You can discriminate items that you wish to search for, as it is very comfortable, and easily adjustable to other users. You can adjust the length if it will be borrowed by other people with different height. For first-timers who would like to become relic and coin relic hunters – you would not go wrong with the Garrett Ace 350.

It has a nice balance and good low overall weight, which is crucial in metal detectors. If you would be searching for some great valuable finds for longer periods – this Garrett model would be good.  An important feature, the audible alarm, works well to cover irregular and unequal grounds.

In addition, you can isolate some junk targets, then reject it. Sometimes, it will still pop up on the display, though the sound is minimal and not as distracting. You can go on with your hunting smoothly. For the depth indicator, it is quite accurate as well, as will alert you whenever you find two coins on top of another, usually up to a difference of 2 inches depth.

Trying to learning it can be fun, as you would get better using the target ID every time you go out. Even the discrimination settings are quite good, just take a turn, switch it on and the detector would do the job.