Fisher F2 Metal Detector with 8″ and 4″ Waterproof Coils + Free Pinpointer

Fisher F2 review
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Dimensions: 7 x 14 x 21.2 inches
Weight: 4.8 pounds
Model Number: F2
Features: 8-segment visual target ID, LCD screen, 4-tone audio ID, 2-digit numeric display, Coin depth indicator, Fisher F-point pinpointer, ergonomics-handle design, 2-9Volt Batteries, 4″ Concentric coil,

The Fisher F2 Metal Detector is a good entry level coin hunting device that features 4 inch as well as 8-inch waterproof coils. It also includes a free Pinpointer to help you direct the device with accuracy, in open fields, beaches, and other typical treasure hunting places. The 8-segment target ID allows you to visually hunt down a potential treasure item, while at the same time move away from the trash.

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If you like to audibly hear the target objects, you can switch on the 4-tone ID. The LCD screen is bright and allow you to read the readings clear. For you to identify the metals, the 2-digit numeric display will help you identify  nickel, foil, iron, silver, bronze and other metal types.
It has the water-resistant 8-inch open frame coil, while it operating at 5.8 kHz frequency, with a weight of just 2.6 pounds. Some of the best features in the Fisher F2 Metal Detector are the numeric depth readout, one-touch pinpoint, motion search mode, coin depth indicator, and 8-inch concentric search coil. The device is fairly lightweight at a slight above a kilogram, with batteries included.

The ergonomics-handle design makes it easy to hold the device. With the notch system, gives you the ability to reject and accept the targets that appear on the screen. The Fisher F2 is highly recommended for relic hunting, coin search and treasure search. You can use its beaches, sands, lawn, and yards. It is a great device from Fisher, which is well known in the category of an iron detection device.

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If ever you decide the need for another setting to help you distinguish a certain object, the different sounds and tones can help you identify certain items, especially if you’re not looking at the device screen.Quite notably, as a tip when you find yourself in trash and debris filled spots, the 4-inch coil will perform well as it can give you clear and identifiable readings from 6 to 8 inches into the soil. While the 8-inch coil works extremely great for various purposes, even in the most messed up grounds and areas, you can detect even obscure items and tell on the spot if it’s a nickel or just a flattened bottle cap.

Some people ask about the F2’s Pinpoint settings, which is said to provide spot on readings with pinpoint accuracy. It does tell you exactly what type of metal within certain areas.

A good test you may want to try is is create a sizeable test board and mix up some debris with coins, then cover it some soil, leaves, and twigs. Now get your F2 metal detector and then look for the coins mix up with the trash.

Metal Detector
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The device can accurately lead you to the right spot as well as tell you the right readings and tone. After you achieve this, you should already have the confidence to go to other areas to search unknown, but potentially valuable true metals.

Keep in mind that the Fisher F2 is within the single frequency detector category, so it may give you some difficult readings if you’re planning to go hunting in places with some salt water, and wet soil. Although, this detector has a preset ground balance as well as adjustments to minimize the sensitivity.

If you only plan to search typical grounds and dry sand, the frequency shouldn’t be a concern. You can bring this Fisher metal detector device in places like soccer grounds, children’s playground, baseball parks, or other grassy lands. You can roam around in some areas with your kids or while they play sports with other children.


For those who would like to have a metal detector with the bells and whistles to help you get started with the pastime, the F2 is just as good as Garrett or Bounty Hunter’s other renowned products.  You can assemble the device fast and straight from the box; while being able to intuitively learn the controls quickly. If you’re an absolute novice, this is a good device to start and can perform just as great as more expensive products.