Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Metal Detector

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Color: Black
Weight: 4.65 pounds
Dimensions: 6.25 x 10 x 28.5 inches
Model Number: TIME
Features: Professional metal detector, Ground-Balance Monitor System, Programmable Notching System, four-level iron discrimination, Blanker Eliminate Surface System, 4-Mode Operation, 8-inch Bounty D-Tech search coil, interchangeable coil Ground Trac, three-tone audio discrimination

With good features for professional treasure hunters and coin detectors, the Bounty Hunter Time Ranger can help intermediate metal detector move into a whole new world of metal detection. If you have been in the hobby for quite a while and planning to take your skill up a notch, this new device by the famed Bounty Hunter can help you work your way from small nickels and dimes, towards high-valued relics, treasures and even gold nuggets.

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The Time Ranger metal detector is considered to be a top tier product, that can offer new excitement and more so, great profit on metal detection work. If at the start you’ve used metal detection as a form of hobby, that you can pick up in your spare time- you can actually make some profits in the hobby of metal detection work.

But first, you have to understand that this Bounty Hunter model is designed for professionals in metal detector projects. If you’ve just begun in the hobby, you may want to start with metal detectors for beginners. After you develop your skill and learn the intricacies of metal search, you can move to the Time Ranger. The features of the Time Ranger was specially made for experts in treasure hunting.

If you’re confident enough to move towards more advanced and challenging levels of treasure hunting, then it’s time for you to know about the features of this device. Some of the notable functionalities you would need to know are Interchangeable coil ground Trac, 4-level iron discrimination, 8-inch Bounty D-Tech search coil, Programmable Notching Technology, Four-Mode Operation, Ground-Balance Monitor Function, Three-tone audio discrimination, and Blanker Eliminate Surface Function System.

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This is a fully submersible device, with the 8-inch Bounty D-Tech search coil that features the Ground Trac and the interchangeable coil; which can balance the machine towards various terrains and soil conditions. You can see your targetted items with the huge multifunctional LCD reading screen. The readout features the target ID, which shows you other aspects such as sensitivity level, depth level, power battery level, iron identifier level, and the ground balance monitor system. It has the easy to use touchpads, that has all the easily accessible operation modes, for you to tinker on and adjust.

As it is, the LCD serves as your primary reference source for all the functions and settings. Though you may need to find your way with some of the controls, you can be familiar with it after a couple of use. It is fairly intuitive, as the fully programmable touchpad does not have a high learning curve to learn, so you will be able to smoothly use the Time Ranger in a short period of time.

There are several queries about the device capabilities on how deep can it detect. At best, it can accurately tell you a targeted item from 3 to 6 inches down. However, it can go as far 10 to 12 inches, depending on the size of the object.  There were times, the targets found underground were full of rust and tarnishes, but it does its work to identify various metals and irons. You can, of course, adjust the settings to disregard any trash metals that you don’t like the device to pick-up.

Others like to know that if you detect something, how do you hold or move the device? You probably see some users hold it directly over a certain spot to get a pinpoint reading, while others move the detector in a sweeping type of motion back and forth. The Time Ranger is a great device for gold prospecting as it comes with the four-inch coil, so you may find small items even with narrow viewpoints.

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If you travel a lot in different countries, you may see some historic towns, old ruins, ghost towns, abandoned houses, battlefields, etc. These are great areas which you can use the metal detector from the Bounty Hunter Time Ranger series. You want something robust and powerful, with the finest available discrimination, so you can maximize your chances on finding some valuable item and hidden treasures.