Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector Review


Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Review

Color: Black
Model Number: PROLR
Dimensions: 14 x 8 x 45 inches
Weight: 4.25 pounds
Features: Pinpoint Mode with Depth Indicator, Menu System with Variable Notching, Variable Tone Breakpoint, FeTone, V-Break, Computerized Ground Balancing, Adjustable Iron Audio, Ground Grab,

The Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector launched by Bounty Hunter is packed with cool features that can match the quality of more expensive models. If you like to have a great tool for hunting, which is a lot less, then check out this product item.

Good Metal Detector for Gold

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A fairly versatile product, it can detect gold, so if you’re thinking of going out to search for some gold finds, then this is the item is for you. It even has a wide range for searching, roughly from 43 to 47 range. Some people ask if it can also work to find detections in sandbars and freshwater, the Land Ranger Pro works just as fine in freshwater environments, without any problem. It may work in some areas of salt water, but usually more difficult.You should find areas with good balance and equal ground for more enjoyment and success in your hunt. This product is made in the U.S., an authentic Bounty Hunter Metal Detector with genuine parts and features.

For those who are already in the hobby of metal detection, and would want to add another tool to their growing collection of metal detectors, you should extremely consider the item. You will certainly like the performance of the BH line, without going crazy on the display.

This new Bounty Hunter product model has drawn attention after the company restructured its product line and started developing features based on other models by other companies.

Metal Detector for Senior Hobbyists

IMG Source: detectingMO
IMG Source: detectingMO

There is some plastic material on this item, but the great news for mostly senior or older hobbyists – is that it is lightweight so you can carry it much longer, without getting your hands tired. Other products can be as heavy as an armor, but they weigh too heavy for some people – that they have to take longer breaks to rest or even cut their metal detection session short. Heavy product may not make the hunting as fun as it supposed to be.

So far, the Pro edition of the Land Ranger does a magnificent job – as it is, you will appreciate the comprehensive and excellent display.

To sharpen your detection skills, as well as put the Bounty Hunter Pro to the test, get a board, around 6 to 8 foot, then spread out and glue some coins, debris, stuff, etc. on one side. Practice in some days you’re home, and you will surely get the hold of the Land Ranger model. When you set out, for your search sessions, you should have significantly improved your metal detection skills.

Lightweight durable metal detector

Other people would raise some issues and complaints about the Land Ranger Pro, quite notably complaining about the plastic material. For some, the design may look decent enough, but they would ultimately say it’s a bit cheap. The extremely light build and feel may give you the impression that it was made from thin inexpensive materials.

There could even be a feeling that it can easily break if you accidentally drop it. There’s actually the basis for such assumptions as the model was made in America in the first place. So, it has that stringent quality check, which other models made in Asia do not have. You can expect to swing more with this Bounty Hunter product line, much longer than you can expect – which means more hunting hours that would then translate to more treasure finds!

New Bounty Hunter Metal Detector for 2017

Most people with the previous Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100, who wanted to level up a notch for some ground balancing and target ID, you will not spend too much for the Land Ranger Pro. With this machine, you should be able to get over some depth of this machine and even finding coins deeper than 12 inches.

If you are looking for a first machine, with the DD coil, just be patient, as they do not work like with the round coils. However, you will figure it out and would not want to go back to the round coils.

The item is a great bang for the buck type of product that can blow older brands out of the shelf. Take for instance the features such as the reading stability. For a competent detector that can last a while, while you advance and improve your skills, this is quite good.