Best Metal Detector for Kids 2018

metal detector for kids
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If you’ve decided to share or introduce the hobby of metal detection to your kids, you definitely want to to get them the appropriate device according to their age and height. They don’t necessarily need the most sophisticated models to get started, but you would want to give them something that can them excited and something that fosters their treasure hunting skills. Here’s a guide to help you get started and make the right choice to find the best metal detector for kids.

This resource would introduce you on what features to look for, what’s the best detector for children and teens, and some product reviews. By the end of the article, you should already have a good idea on what’s the best coin hunting device for your kids.

Factors to consider when buying kids metal detectors

best metal detector for kids
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You might be wondering what factors that you should consider for children coin detectors and metal search devices.

Age – When you look for a certain unit, you should consider the age of your child. There are categories that suit children’s age range such as ages 6 to 12 or ages 13- 17. Another factor is the manufacturer or maker of the device.

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Brand – You would want to get a teen metal detector that can last longer than a week, and not break down after a couple of days use. Finding a trusted company and brand should get you started in your decision. Two of the most trusted company that specializes in kid metal hunting devices are Bounty Hunter and Garrett.  These companies take into account the quality, safety, features, and performance of their devices.

Price – You don’t have to get devices with the most advanced features and quite expensive. Depending on the age, and desire of your child; you can get something just right with the basics of the equipment and within your budget.  Keep in mind that most of the products have different prices, though depending on your buying power, decide on the price range of the child metal detector that you will buy.

What makes a great detector for the kids?

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Young children with age range 6 to 11 would not understand about metal types, discrimination, sensitivity or other components. They  would just be as happy to hold a metal detector and search for coins in the soccer field, playground, and parks. Children of these ages can be just as happy to find a nickel, in the same way, if they find some bottle caps. Taking this into account, you can just get them an affordable basic detector.

Grown up kids and teens, with ages 12 to 17 would be different. Depending on the interest, and understanding the capacity of your child; you would need to get detectors that range from the ones with the essential features to a unit with extra modes and functions.  These modes should keep them interested, while they also learn the components of the device. After several uses, as well as they grow into later teen years, they already have a good foundation to help them start a metal detecting hobby in their adult years if they choose to do so.

Product Reviews – Best Metal Detectors for Children, Kids, and Teens

  1. Bounty Hunter Junior

bounty hunter junior - metal detector for kids
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This device Bounty Hunter is specifically made for kids, with features such as lightweight, ergonomics, and adjustable shaft. The limit of the length is at 2.25 inches, so this can considerably be enough for young children. Since they can be adjusted, it can be shared with other kids, in case you have other children in the family. It features a basic single audio tone indicator, which gets louder as your kid gets near the metal. You can set the ground balance, so it can be used on a variety of soil and ground conditions. It can also detect different kinds of metals, using the 6.5-inch coil. Your child can find coins and small metals on grounds as deep as 5 inches, while they can discover larger items as deep as 2 feet.

  1. Ground EFX MC1 Youth

Ground efx mc1 for kids
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Another child metal detector product you can consider is the Ground EFX MC1 Youth,  which can be used in land, even in ankle deep waters. This is a great device to give to your kid, so they can play around on the beach.  It has simple features such as metal detection eliminator, as well as the EFX visual target indicator. The battery ok test of the MC1 Youth will show you the power level, so you know how much power you have left before the metal search device goes off.

The device has an audio adjustment that can be varied depending on the signal strength of a certain target.  When a sound gets loud beeping sounds, it means it is around high frequencies. You can adjust the shaft up to 26 inches to increase the scope or to adjust according to the height of your child. The devices use a pair of alkaline batteries that are 9 volts each and weigh 3 pounds.  The concentric coil is measured at 6.5 inches.

  1. Bounty Hunter Educational Junior Metal Detector with Coin Collecting Kit

Bounty Hunter Educational Junior Metal Detector Review
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For this product, Bounty Hunter specifically has the children, kids, and teens as the primary user of the metal detector. This weighs around 3 lbs., with a coin guide and a user manual. The package also includes a coin folder as well as 12-coin wallet. You can extend the shaft up to 2.25 feet, so you can adjust the length according to the height and reach of your child. Your child should be able to carry the detector for some period as it considerably light. This educational metal hunting device also has discrimination controls, similar to other products by Bounty Hunter.

You can set this function, so your child will not detect undesired objects such as cans, wires, screws, nails, or other metal trash. The two search modes work by transferring the 6.5 kHz frequency, while an LCD screen will show the signals and readings that will alert your kid on a nearby metal item. The device is easy to learn for any child as the signal strength will emit tones through the speakers. A nifty feature is a 2-in-1 magnifier, so the user can closely inspect the found treasure. They can use the trowel to dig the item. Bounty Hunter does include batteries, so you need to get 2 pieces of 9-volt batteries for the detector.


You can just choose kid metal detectors with basic functions and affordable price. This activity should help develop your child’s exploration, search, hunting, and decision skills. They can also learn about different metals and coins. Not just a hobby, kids can also learn a lot in metal detection. When they grow up, they can determine whether they want to continue in metal hunting, or move on something else. Yet, it is a great pastime for them to learn.

We hope the review helped you in a way on making a good choice for metal detector for a kid.