American Hawks Explorer II Review – LCD Display Type of Object and Depth

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Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 34 inches
Model Number: AH3Y6Y20
Weight: 6.39 pounds
Features: Micro Processor controlled, All Metal mode, LCD object type display, Waterproof coil, Discrimination mode, Comfortable arm support, depth display, Notch Filter, Auto ground balance, adjustable aluminum stem

If you’re looking for an upper mid-level Metal Detector, the Explorer 2 of American Hawks features a clear LED display, a large screen that will show you the type of item with fairly accurate readings. The signals can even allow you to differentiate a quarter, nickel or penny. There’s also a function that allows you to switch to an all-metal mode. This allows you to identify as well as distinguish the difference between non-ferrous and ferrous metal elements, with a distinct type of tones.

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You can set the notch filter, and adjust the function on the screen display to show you the target types. For instance, if you found a coin, it can tell you whether the coin is a nickel, dime, penny, quarter, etc. It will also discriminate stuff that is merely metal trash, such as nail top, bottle cap, pull top, among many others. With this feature, you save time and energy, so you can focus more on finding worthy targets.

The comfortable handle with the simple arm brace features a rugged look, but the functionalities give you everything you desire in a metal detector. It even has the waterproof coil

that lets you search coastal shallow waters, where some lost gold rings and jewelry are often found. If you’re interested in spending time and make treasure hunting as a hobby, then the American Hawks Explorer 2 is a great device to have.

This metal detector LCD is one of the mid-range brands which are also suitable for teens, beginners, and intermediate metal detection enthusiasts. The price of the product is not as costly as other brands, but nonetheless provides the essential functions of high priced devices. If you’re looking for affordability, with warranty (1 year) along with accessories such as headphones and carry bag, the Explorer 2 is a wonderful option.

American Hawk provides three operations for you to start with:

1) Auto Notch Filter – For this mode, the detector would  automatically show on the clear display the items you’ve found. An interesting function you can adjust is the sensitivity level, which you can fully control. The auto-notch filter is your nifty assistant to detect metals and tell you exactly what type of metals are they.

2) Motion Discrimination – In this function, while the detector is moving and in motion, you will hear unique tones emitted, usually based on the type of metals found. The display will then show you the signal strength of the object found. In addition, you can adjust the discrimination levels, as well as the sensitivity level of the device.

3) All Metal – The All metal mode will you give you different tones for the metals. It will tell you whether they are non-ferrous elements or ferrous elements. Just like other modes, you can adjust the sensitivity level.

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As you gain skill and continuous use of the modes, you will eventually discriminate valuable find from useless objects. If you’ve just started in metal and coin detecting, you will learn the hard way that you will eventually be thrown off by worthless items such as bottle caps and nail tops.

Another useful feature in the Explorer is the depth detector, which helps you avoid unnecessary hunting and wasteful digging. The function will display the depth, and then the metal type  beneath the surface. This is usually more convenient and a time saver, just as any experienced collector would tell you. Generally, for a metal hunter, if they know the depth of the object as well as the mass, it can be noted with the changing strength of the signal. The Explorer 2 is quite as efficient and easy to use, with quite an affordable price for a metal detector. It is quite fair to start with this type of model, for first-time treasure detectors and coin hunters.


Most users of the Explorer II utilized the detector in various metal hunting searches with fair success in finding different sizes of metals such as copper, silver, bronze, aluminum, gold, and even platinum. For people in all levels of metal detection, you should enjoy the use of the device in exploring target rich environmental settings.